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Cradled in the heartland of the historic temple town of Talakadu, Mysore (eponymous with Pancha linga darshana), lies a surprise of a getaway in a sprawling 8 acre mango farm, aptly called Mango Mulch.

Tucked away in a serene world of its own, nestled amidst lush verdant fields of sugarcane, ragi, vegetables and even bursts of marigold on one end to the majestic Cauvery river flowing on the other, this quiet getaway provides the much needed balm for a tranquil and relaxing weekend by the countryside.

This quintessential farm boasts of 5 gigantic 100yr old mango trees, the canopy of which covers half an acre! Also laden with 60 mango trees spread across the land, enveloping 3 lovely rustic cottages, the farm beckons one into a serene world, where one can meditate and energize oneself with yoga and silence.

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