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Farm & Owner

This farm is the love child of a young couple Sudhi and Ashwini, a civil engineer and architect, who have made Talakadu their home. They have distanced themselves from their hectic professions and now lead a quiet life in their beautiful courtyard house (Thotti Mane) on the farm.

They are passionate about travel, yoga, photography and music. They are also experimenting a self-sustaining model of living whereby the crops that are grown on the farm, the fruit trees that are planted, the organic vegetables that are grown, the cows that are reared, the waste that is generated for organic manure, each fuse into the other to propel a living that is at once simple, organic and healthy.

They have built a small rustic temple of Lord Dakshinamurthy which is accessible to the guests to pray and meditate.

They have opened the doors to their farm for like-minded people to revel in quietness and solitude and for those who wish to bask in the pastoral environs of nature.


Stay in Farm

There are 3 cottages that one can choose from.

Among them, the first is inspired on a Golghar design, with a Katte to stretch one’s legs, (a classic throwback to a yesteryear hut.)

The other are twin cottages that have wooden slats for a ceiling and bay windows overlooking the farm. These twin cottages share a common verandah.

All three cottages are enveloped by the cooling canopy of the mango trees.

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